God is the biginning and the end. This does not mean that God loses control of the creation in the middle, and only controls it at the beginning and the end. NO! This is what it means; every beginning is purely God and God alone, man cannot contaminate it even if he tries. Same goes for the ends. Every end is God and God alone, man cannot stop or do anything about it even if he tried. God makes these two points exclusively His domain to govern. The creation in Genesis sees God as beginning, when He says “let there be light”. He did not consult any man to create what He created. It was after He had done what was in His mind, that He brought man in to manage things, and that was the point where man could mess things up.

Then there is the long period(what scripture describes as one thousand years. That is not literal, one thousand years in scripture is a way of saying “a very long time”) of patience and grace, waiting for man to repent and learn His ways. And after that long period comes the end. Scripture has shown us some ends. The time of Noah, when Israel went into captivity for the first time as a nation, when Jesus came(the end of Jewish hypocrisy and legalism), etc. In each of these ends, there was nothing man could do to stop it, even repentance couldn’t stop it.

Every end is immediately followed by a new beginning in the earth. And God presides as judge and jury over it. That’s why it’s called the day of The Lord, because He alone decides, speaks, acts and concludes the order of things on that day. Whoever will be part of the new world must know, accept and live the word of God. It is by His word He brings forth the new beginning.

People of God, we are at another earth-scale end. There is nothing anybody can do to stop it. This system has failed, we have put our fingers in the eyes of God for too long, we have denied Him the glory that is His for too long, it is time for Him to show us that He is God, and besides Him there is no other. To survive it is to find out what God is saying. Right now God is saying a series of “Let there be’s”, and they are all in His word. To survive and be part of those that shall rebuild the new earth with the new heavens(dreams and visions of a future built entirely with the word of God) coming out of God’s mouth right now, you must go back to the word of God. There is nothing that is not of the word of God that will survive this final onslaught. Science will fail, military might will fail, philosophy and secular wisdom will fail, medical knowledge will fail, economic theories will fail, social and relationship models will fail, everything will bow before the word of God.

What are you still doing playing around with something that’s already cursed and falling into the fire of God’s judgement and purging? GO BACK TO THE WORD NOW AND START LEARNING AND TRAINING YOURSELF TO LIVE BY IT AND PRODUCE REALITIES FROM IT. That is the only safe place right now. The word of God is His shelter, meditating on it is abiding under the shadow of that word, of the almighty. That is the only safe place. GO NOW!

Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.” (‭Revelation‬ ‭12‬:‭12‬ NKJV)



Rise above everything else, that is Christ in you, the hope of glory. God has exalted His word above everything else. To rise above everything else; sickness, disease, hatred, injustice, oppression, crisis, etc, become one with the thing above them all; the word of God. That is what Jesus was, every single thing about Jesus was the word of God, his birth, his words, his thoughts, his actions, his expectations and attitudes, his response and every single thing was the word of God. He was indeed the word made flesh, the conscious truth, the living word. Follow Him, walk as He walked, make yourself one with the truth, let the truth come alive and become conscious within you, meditate always on the scriptures, forget yourself and become Christ, you must decrease and Him increase, die and let Him live through you. Rise above everything else in this world.


Judge Not!

When you reach a conclusion about something in your mind, the kind of conclusion that dismisses all contingency and remedy, rendering the whole situation finite, which is what scripture refers to as ‘judging’, you have succeeded in taking away God from that situation, because you have rejected the infinite nature of God.

That is why you must not judge. Allow God alone to be judge and jury in every matter. JUDGE NOTHING, JUDGE NOT YOURSELF AND JUDGE NO ONE. LEAVE ROOM FOR GRACE(DIVINE CREATIVITY).

Take Responsibility For The Earth.

If you are so caught up in the ‘escapist mentality’ that you care nothing for the position and prosperity of truth on this earth where you live, that all you are focused on is flying away to heaven, then you have missed the whole point of your faith. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, that is the whole point. Irresponsibility towards the earth by supposed followers of Christ, is found with those who have this ‘escapist mentality’. Pray for the peace of whatever city I send you to. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God. Your calling is to bring peace(shalom) on the earth, and shalom means “nothing missing, nothing broken”. Is there something missing or broken around you or to your knowledge that your heart is telling you to do something about? Then to your post o child of God!


The secrets of life, were actually not meant to be secrets at all in the first place, they are the laws of God for life and godliness. In the beginning, they are clearly seen in the life of the little child, for as it is written, both the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life were standing right there in the midst of the garden. But when a person loses their inner child by ‘growing up’, these laws become hidden from them, because they have been removed from the garden, they no longer live from the ‘believing heart’, because they have been moved into outer darkness, into the flesh where they live in the darkness of their senses.

Calling on the name of The Lord, following Jesus who is the way, the truth and the life, which is believing and rebuilding again the ‘believing heart’ within, it is the only way to that tree of life again. Jesus says, we eat His flesh and drink His blood in order to partake of His life. Faith is the pathway between heaven and earth, the very road that divinity marches on from heaven into the earth, it is the way that God takes from our hearts into our lives in this world. Rebuild God’s habitation within you, rebuild the ‘believing heart’, and make straight the way of The Lord, remove every obstacle to your faith walk.

Remove the traditions and useless philosophies of men from your minds, and make the path of faith straight. Remove the things that have worked in the past, that seem to be ‘keys’ and ‘proven methods’, all those things that seem to have some reputation for delivering results, all those mountains and hills where you always run to for help, where you have set up images of ‘man made’ gods, level those mountains and make the path of faith level. Fill up those valleys, those things that you have concluded to be ‘no no areas’, that you’ve written off, that have not worked in the past and so have earned your condemnation, fill them up with the word of God and level the path of faith. 

Rebuild your ‘believing heart’ and make the path of faith level and straight for God to come into your world.
It is almost here people, the day of darkness is almost here, the sun is setting, fill up your lamps and get extra oil for yourselves, for the bridegroom is almost here. Prepare yourself for the times ahead. After the darkness comes light, but you must make it through the darkness first. You need that light that shines from the believing heart to walk you through the night, and into the morning light. Get ready for when things go wrong in your personal life and around you, prepare for the global shaking coming, and whichever one comes first, or you ever experience, be sure you are ready for it.

Shalom Aleichem/Peace Be Unto You.


All good and perfect gifts come from above.

GOOD: Something that is and continues to be what it is meant to be. If something is meant to satisfy and along the line it starts bringing dissatisfaction, it is not good. That’s why scripture says that the blessings of God makes abundant and ADDS NO SORROW.
PERFECT: Something that serves the purpose it is expected to serve without negative consequences. Your law is perfect oh Lord!
GIFTS: Something you didn’t really earn by your own effort. Something received out of the will and discretion of the giver. For we have nothing except that which is given us by grace.
ABOVE: Heaven, but not a heaven somewhere far away, it is the heaven of our hearts, where God dwells by faith in His word. If you open your heart through faith in the word, Jesus and The Father will come in and dwell in there. The believing heart is heaven.

Now let’s restate that scripture in our own words…

The things that satisfy, prove themselves true and serve the purposes we need them to in our lives, are things that come into our lives by the outworking of the faith born for it by the word of God in our heart. You must pay very careful attention to your heart my dear ones, the real and best things in life come from there. And hear this, there is nothing like coincidence or luck, or getting what you didn’t ask for. You may not have asked for it directly, but once you believe for something, the things that will make it possible begin to align themselves, most of them you never thought of, but your faith knows you need them. God knows what you need, just believe and walk. He will do both the things you asked for, the things you thought about, and much more than that, He will make all things work together for the realisation of that expected end, that His will has given birth to in your heart.


The world as we know it today is about to change. The end of this present civilisation has come. It has become overun by lies, the spirit of the antichrist, which limits the destinies and lives of people, as the scriptures say. He(the antichrist spirit of lies) that limits, shall continue to limit, till he be taken out of the way. He has overun our churches with lies, and our world views with lies, and our global and local governments with lies, the lies have taken over everything, and has began to enforce itself forcefully on us. Can’t you see it yet?

His time is almost up brethren. The darkness is rising, the works of the senses of those who are loyal to this lies are becoming bolder and more imposing even in our private lives. The darkness is rising, and it will become very dark soon, very very dark. The time is come, when they will force people to think the way they think(the mark of the beast on foreheads), and force people to act the way they do(the mark of the beast on hands), and those who don’t accept, those who do not know The Lord and how to create new worlds, how to bring about new beginnings, shall not be able to do business, get healthcare, social services, and all that sustains life.

The end is coming, but it won’t be the way many thought it will be. Many already have the mark of this present beast on their foreheads and on their hands without knowing it. That world is coming down very soon, and as in the days of Noah, it will come down with all who trust in it, who are comfortable in it, who see nothing wrong with it, and are freely living life by its codes. Only those who know how to live by faith shall escape the destruction that’s about to come on the world. Those who know how to bring about now beginnings, who know how to receive new heavens and new earth from God in their hearts.

This present world is about to be destroyed by fire, but not literal fire as many believe, it will be raised down by the fire of God’s word, for He shall smite the earth with the rod of His mouth. The word of God, which is alive will soon melt away the present lies. We have refused to heed the signs, the economic crunch, and the rising cry of the people are not enough for us, the obvious almost non existence of love in our ways at the moment is not enough for us. I weep for our leading government, a nation once the ‘favourite’ of God, has now become the right hand of lies, how the mighty have fallen, how did you let yourself be taken, fair one of God! I weep doubly for our present ‘churches’, they have become the priests of these lies, how the priests of truth have become the priests of lies, how the bride of Christ have turned herself into a whore! O my generation, hear ye the word of The Lord, and make ready for His return.

The age of the supernaturals is about to begin, an age of people who know how to channel divine energy through natural things, an age of people who are totally in sync with God, in heart, mind, words and body, upon whom The Lord fastens Himself, making all that He is, all that He can do and all that He has to be same with them on the earth, who dream dreams and envision a world that is built on love for God and for others, not on gain and self preservation. That is the ark that will carry the remnant of God from this present world that has been marked for destruction into the new world that will soon come.

Will you heed this warning and join this ark, or will you laugh over it like they did in the days of Noah. The fire is coming my friend, and it is almost here.
Come to Jesus now, come and learn how to live above this material world from Him NOW! Come and learn to invoke all that Jesus is in your life, or in our normal parlance, come and learn to call on the name of The Lord, for when that terrible day of The Lord arrives, it is only those that call on the name of The Lord that shall be saved.