The Promise Land

The land God has given us is in Himself. He is our exceeding great reward. We have been invited to partake of the divine nature, to be the expression of His word in the circumstances of life. It’s such a vast place, limitless and boundless, without beginning and without end, when we come into this land, when we come into heaven through the revelation of the word and of Christ, we can posses as far as our ‘eyes’ can ‘see’. When we are in faith in Christ, we can posses what belongs to us, because in Him all the promises of God are “yes” and “so be it.” They are finished, they are done!

Jesus says that in ‘this house’ there are ‘many rooms’, and He has gone in and prepared ‘a place’ in God for each of us, that now through faith we are where He is, what He is, and have what He has obtained. He has become, that we might be, He has entered, that we might be where He is by faith; citizens of heaven, in God and seated on the right hand of God in heaven, reigning as kings in life, ruling like God in this world. As He is, so are we in this world. Through faith we are receiving in this life what He is and walking in all that He is.

This land is a spiritual land that faith translates into physical manifestations. Christ has made room for us in God, which we enter into by faith. Through faith we have gained access into and stand in the grace of God, functioning in that place where we are absolutely confident in Who and What God is. The unsearchable riches of Christ is become ours by faith, Christ has been made wisdom to us through which we have access to participate in all that God is. It is an extraordinary permission we have in Christ. Right now, this very moment, it is all yours. Through faith you can walk in the finished works of Christ, you are the physical body of the invisible Christ; the flesh and bones of Christ. You are the church of Christ.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Begin to see yourself living in the expanse of this land in the sphere of life where you’re planted. See Christ in you, see the word of God manifested in your life, have the same mindset that Jesus had; “God is my Father, I am His son, and all that He has belongs to me. His heart is my heart, His thoughts are mine to think, His words are mine to speak, His acts are mine to relive, His results are mine to reap. I and my Father are one. I am fully permitted to be as He is.”


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