All good and perfect gifts come from above.

GOOD: Something that is and continues to be what it is meant to be. If something is meant to satisfy and along the line it starts bringing dissatisfaction, it is not good. That’s why scripture says that the blessings of God makes abundant and ADDS NO SORROW.
PERFECT: Something that serves the purpose it is expected to serve without negative consequences. Your law is perfect oh Lord!
GIFTS: Something you didn’t really earn by your own effort. Something received out of the will and discretion of the giver. For we have nothing except that which is given us by grace.
ABOVE: Heaven, but not a heaven somewhere far away, it is the heaven of our hearts, where God dwells by faith in His word. If you open your heart through faith in the word, Jesus and The Father will come in and dwell in there. The believing heart is heaven.

Now let’s restate that scripture in our own words…

The things that satisfy, prove themselves true and serve the purposes we need them to in our lives, are things that come into our lives by the outworking of the faith born for it by the word of God in our heart. You must pay very careful attention to your heart my dear ones, the real and best things in life come from there. And hear this, there is nothing like coincidence or luck, or getting what you didn’t ask for. You may not have asked for it directly, but once you believe for something, the things that will make it possible begin to align themselves, most of them you never thought of, but your faith knows you need them. God knows what you need, just believe and walk. He will do both the things you asked for, the things you thought about, and much more than that, He will make all things work together for the realisation of that expected end, that His will has given birth to in your heart.


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