Church leaders who teach their congregation that honour is money given, will end up in the end with the same disappointment God had with the old covenant. The old covenant was about material things, about physical observances. It didn’t get to the heart of those who practiced them, and so it failed to produce the life of God in people. These church leaders will end up having many ‘sons’ and ‘daughters’ who will give them money, but whose hearts will be very far from why the ministry was even born in the first place.

Some church leaders start out with a godly vision from God, and soon God sends people their way, sons and daughters who ought to inherit their vision and honour them by taking the vision to different spheres of society, and to higher levels. But when some church leaders begin to teach their people that honouring them as ‘fathers’ is the same as giving them financial gifts, these sons and daughters will imbibe this lie, and lose sight of what honour really means. Their greatest efforts will be to out give everyone else, because they want to honour the ‘father’.

That is how the godly vision dies. It becomes replaced with mammon. Isaac said to Esau, bring me venison such as I love, that my soul may bless you. You see, when church leaders make it clear to their congregation that the venison their soul loves, is money, that is what they will bring to them, money. Where a man’s treasure is, there will his heart be also. That is how the devil subtly reduces the ministry God committed into your hands to money, and most of you never even realise it.

Dear church leader, if the venison your heart loves is money, if money is what provokes the anointing on your life to fall upon your sons and daughters in the ministry, and not the actions and accomplishments of these sons and daughters in ways that express, increase and spread what God laid in your heart when you began, then Sir, Ma, you are raising children that will break your heart in the end, that is if you are still standing with God to even notice you have raised children that dishonour the memory of the thing that their father lived and is dying for.

May God open your eyes to see.


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