When Jesus says, “where I go you cannot come now”, He really is saying that “what the will of God for my life demands of me right now, you will not want anything to do with it, but afterwards you will have to, and even do it willingly.”

You see, there are points we come to in our walk with God, at which we must leave father, mother, sisters and brothers, friends and even loved ones behind, otherwise we will disobey God. There are people in your life that will go only so far with you on your own personal life journey, you must have the boldness and courage to leave them behind when you come to that point beyond which they cannot come. Most people come to that point in their walk with God and stop, because of emotional bonds and sentiments, or for some other reasons like thinking they cannot do without those people, etc, and while they stop, God keeps moving and they are left behind. They stop because they are unable to leave these people behind and follow God where He is leading them. 

Jesus talked so much about this matter, of denying parents and children, of being forsaken by them, of being hated by them, of bringing enemity between them. Those were some of the hardest teachings of Christ, but those who go far with God in life, in whatever direction He leads them, are people who accept and live by these teachings. Don’t let people hold you back and keep you from following after God. LEAVE THEM BEHIND FOR NOW, THEY WILL FOLLOW YOU LATER. I am telling you the truth. 

When it happened, all of the disciples scattered from Jesus, and even denied Him. But afterwards, when He had performed the sign and wonder of rising from the death situation, they all came back to Him. People will desert and deny and do all sorts of things against you, just because they don’t want to be identified with you at a particular point in your walk with God, but don’t worry, leave them behind and keep following God. When you get to the promised land God is taking you to, they will all come back to you, it’s a fact.

And let me tell you something you don’t know. The reason why you have to leave them behind is not out of an “ok don’t worry, just wait and see what I’ll become, or an I will prove it to you kind of spirit” NOOO! The reason you will leave them behind is because you love them. You see, the promised land you are going to conquer, is for there own benefit, they will be the ones to benefit from it. Jesus died for the benefit of those who denied and rejected Him. That is love. I have left a lot of loved ones behind because of the place God is taking me to, even yesterday I had to leave another one of my closest friends behind. I have seen a future that will benefit them and their children, and that is more important than their smiles today. Look, following Christ is not talk, it is real and it is about love, real love not emotions and sentiments. So, let your concern be there good, not their smiling faces.
I love you.

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