There is a very grievous mistake that many make in their interaction with the scriptures. Many consider the Old Testament part of scripture to be literally ‘old’ and outdated. What an error! I understand that we are all growing in our knowledge of God, so I hope that one day, those who make this grievous error will come to know better.

We must understand that the New Testament is baseless without the Old Testament, and the Old Testament is powerless without the New Testament. They are mutually dependent on each other. You do not build without a foundation, and there is no end if there was never a beginning. You cannot have a son without first a father. Those who make this mistake do not realise that the New Testament is mostly a spiritual interpretation of the Old Testament, not really a replacement of anything.

A lot of errors and lies have been introduced into the teaching of the scriptures over the centuries because of this, because of people who separate what God has joined together. To get a true understanding of scripture, always let each part of the covenant confirm the other, after all, they are really two parts of one original intent.

If anyone thinks he has found a revelation in the New Testament that is not traceable to the Old Testament, let that person know that what he or she has stumbled unto, is a lie or a misconception. Indepth understanding of the New Testament is only possible with proper knowledge of the Old Testament. And there are many parts of the Old Testament that was not spiritually interpreted by Christ himself, which Jesus said the Spirit of God will help us interpret, with respect to who Jesus is; ‘The Love of The Father’. The earth is still here, so God is still unfolding the knowledge of His glory.

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