Live, Do Not Judge.

I pray we get this two points clearly.
(1) Worshipping God is not the particular calling of some, it is the calling of all that are human. Worshipping God doesn’t mean a slow sentimental song, it doesn’t mean seven days a week in ‘church’, it means knowing we are more than flesh and blood, that our five senses are not to be trusted as tools of judgement, that actions are to be determined by the visions and dreams in ones heart and not the fear of the senses, that reality grows out of a heart of love for humanity, and that we are able to create reality out of a thought planted in the heart because we are temples of the Spirit of God Who is living in us. To live such a life and boldly admit it before men is worship. Everybody has to do that; both the people and the pastor alike.

(2) There is a particular vocation that a man commits himself to in life, it is his or her ‘work’ in the larger purpose of God for the earth and those who dwell in it, some are doctors, engineers, social workers, soldiers, pilots, entertainers, teachers, pastors, etc. Whatever a person commits his or her life force and days to do in service to others, from there shall his or her needs be supplied. Therefore, you must be confident and bold enough to receive whatever is supplied to you by God through your work. That is your earthly reward, and it is covered in the contract.

One more thing, you work Monday to Friday, and at the end of the month you look to your company to give you your righteous reward, you work in company A and your reward comes from company A not company B. Now, a man of God is ‘full time’ in the work of The Lord to you and many others, and you have the evil eye and heart to question if his righteous reward is paid from the church treasury. That is a dangerous thing for you my dear. Do you know what really swallowed Jonah? It was his words(words are referred to in the creation as the fish of the sea), it was his judgement against Niniveh. He wanted a disobedient Niniveh to get exactly what they deserve, so when he ran in disobedience from God, God made sure he got what he deserved, according to his own words. Judge not, that you may not be judged. God always is merciful but you might not enjoy the pain of His judgement while it lasts. Be very careful the judgements you utter, I beg of you.

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