Everyday, as we journey through life, we come up to situations that demand a choice from us, a choice between the narrow path and the wide road. It’s unfortunate, so saddening that many of my brethren, who confess the name of Christ do not realise that this scripture about staying on the narrow path, and away from the wide road, has anything to do with any other part of life other than ‘spirituality’.

When you choose to study a ‘more lucrative’ course or pursue a ‘more promising’ career(judging by how easy it is to get a job with such a course and how fast people have been known to ‘make it’ in life with such a career), instead of an unpopular one(which you dream of yourself making something great out of nevertheless), you just took the wide road.
When you choose a spouse, because of how well the person satisfies your theory or public opinion of what the ideal spouse looks like, instead of the genuine love and inner counsel in your heart that keeps telling you without reservations to say yes, you have just launched unto the wide road.

The wide road, is the choice that your senses make, they are usually very ‘sensible’ and most people will shake your hand for it. They will think of you as a wise person. But the narrow path is not that popular, it is the choice that is rooted on faith. It isn’t that ‘sensible’ and many will shake their head at you and go, ‘what a fool’! But they forget; God chooses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise.

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