A good gift is not an expensive gift, it is not a gift beyond your expectation. A good gift is a gift that is exactly what it seems to be. A good gift is a gift that delivers exactly what it promises to. When scripture says that all good and perfect gift comes from above, from the father of lights, it means that, every gift God gives you, will be exactly what it is meant to be. If God gives you a wife, she will not turn out to be the doorway to hell, if God gives you a husband, he will not turn out to be the devils prison keeper. When God gives you a vision, you can stake your life on it, it will surely come to pass.

However, there is a proper way to receive gifts from God. It has to be ‘from above’ and ‘as light.’ ‘From above’ means through revelation in your heart, which is a strong knowing in your heart given birth to by God. Usually, you can’t practically explain why you know, but you just know. It has nothing to do with physical things and evidences, the source of your conviction is God, and this conviction from God enters through your heart, not your senses, not by what you see, or hear, or feel, etc. Everything about such deep inner knowings authored by God, is usually characterised by love, not selfishness, they are always about what’s best for others, not you, even when it’s about marriage.

Secondly, it comes as ‘light’. When you have such an inner conviction, what you need to do is this, first, go to God and pray, ask Him to give you an evidence from His word. When you get it, the next thing is to keep meditating on that evidence, keep pondering over the evidence. You must keep doing that till that gift materialises physically. What you are meditating on is the very thing you believe in your heart, the commandment of God that you’ve mixed with faith. God told Joshua to meditate only after He had given him a commandment.

As you meditate on something, greater detail about it is revealed to you. So, as you keep thinking about and meditating on that word of God that gives evidence to the vision in your heart, God keeps revealing more actions for you to take towards the actualisation of the vision. You must focus, and avoid looking at any contradicting evidence. He keeps in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed(focused) on Him. If your eye be single(focused) your whole body(practical life) will be filled with light(actions that work together to bring into manifestation what you’re focusing on).


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