A person’s heart receives the sperm of the Spiritual as a word from God through faith, this may establish itself as vision or persuasion of the heart. Then this sperm must fertilize the egg of the natural which is action. Then as this fertilized egg(zygote) continues to grow through more actions, wisdom and learning, it gets to full growth, and labour pains come, then it is born as an offspring of the Spirit on the earth, like Jesus, it becomes the manifest word of God on the earth. It has overcome all the trials and temptations, it has shown that it is truly born of God, for whatever is born of God overcomes the world.

Now, the reason why most people don’t get to see the actualisation of the visions or faith in their hearts is because they do not allow it to fertilize actions, they do not mix the heart-part of faith with the work-part of faith, there was no work and so the faith died, the vision died.

Another reason is that they allowed things in their lives, tests, temptations, trials, etc to abort the developing zygote in their womb. There are many things that can do this, the scriptures call them the cares of this world, that get people to take their eyes off the vision, to look at and observe other things in life. The developing zygote is attached to the walls of your spiritual womb as long as your focus is on the vision or word of God, the very word that began it all. That is the connection between your actions and the will of God, between earth and heaven. It must never be severed, and restore it once you notice it is severed.

The other reason why the birth fails to occur, on the surface may seem very legible, but when you really understand what happened, is very pathetic. It is like Esau, who at the moment of pain and hunger, gave up his birthright, and sold it for something equivalent to a plate of yam porridge. Can you imagine that? A very far example, using today’s things, is where the heir to Bill Gates’ empire, gives it all away for a plate of stew, for the sake of hunger, just because he can’t endure the pain or discomfort of hunger for a little while.

My dears, God set nature to teach us by observation what the scriptures labour to awaken within us, and one of these lessons is that just before the birth of a new born into the earth, just before the entrance of new life into the earth, the bearer of the pregnancy experiences the worst of expecting the child. You have noticed it time and time again, that when you really have faith for something, it seems to make things a little bit worse at a point. Most people give up at that point, not knowing that they are just about getting their miracle. It is very pathetic. Scripture says this present light affliction, is working out for you a far greater weight of glory, they that overcome to the end, get the crown, they that will reign with Him, must suffer with Him, it is the law of life, and it is working out for your good. Don’t let the pain and discomfort cheat you out of your miracle, stand your ground, for it is almost over.



  1. Thank you so much for this word. It was amazing and exactly what I needed to hear at this exact moment. At this exact situation. God is good!! Are you a pastor?

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