God is constantly unfolding His will, and that is what we observe in the universe, He keeps working out His own will in all things. As it is written, all things are consisted in Him, meaning that the universe and the dynamics in it are motions of God in the material world. Sometimes certain things or people in the universe may rise up and prove themselves to be working against you. How do you overcome such circumstances?

If a man’s ways pleases The Lord, He makes even his enemies at peace with him. This means that if the ways of a person is in agreement with God, even those things that appear today to be working against the person, will eventually prove to be working for that person’s benefit. Without faith it is impossible to please God. So, it is faith, agreement with God that causes the universe to work for you. Actually, faith in God is agreement with the motions of God in the universe, it is agreement with the will of God for the universe. So, what happens is that, through faith, people raise the sails of their life to catch the winds of God’s movement, and by so doing get themselves moving in the same direction as this wind, putting themselves into complete agreement and partnership with God and the universe, so that even those things that seem to be working against them, ends up working for them.

You see that the God-kind of faith is always for the good of all, that is why it is written that faith works through love. Scripture talks about not getting answers to prayers because of asking for selfish reasons. True faith is not selfish, it is love. Try exercising faith for something beyond yourself and see the difference. Live for others, and the universe itself will serve you.

Take this to Heart and meditate on it till you see the light in it in your own heart, till you can say it with your own words, only then has it become yours to benefit from.

Happy Sunday.

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