That is how the scriptures introduce every event, season, opportunity, situation, etc. Everything, every moment, every situation and circumstance, every event, opportunity and season comes to pass. These are not continuos, they are contained. They come and then give way for the next, which have no ‘real’ relationship or connection with the previous, except that they came from the same source. The only thing that is continuos and is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow is God, the ‘I Am’, and His word, which is the same thing with Him.
Only the truth ‘is,’ there is nothing but the truth, all else is a fading dream, only the truth remains. The material universe is a dream, those who are lost in it, those who walk by their senses are asleep, dead as it were to the reality of the truth. Always be alert and wide awake in every situation. The spiritual organ of sight, which sees reality, is faith.

Scientists studying light discovered that light is composed of particles, and not continuos lines. Scripture tells us that the things that we see are temporary, but the things that we do not see are eternal, that the things which come into manifestation do not come out of things which are already manifest. In other words, the next situation of things will not be a calculated sum of the present circumstances, hence, the command not to look at the things that are seen, but at the things which are not seen. Scientists found out what has already been written in the scriptures, hundreds of years after it was written. They found out that the light source emits packets of energy continuosly, that whereas the source constantly emits light particles, the particles are not homogenously related to each other, they are heterogenously related, which means that each light particle is, to a variable extent independently unique in itself, the only sure thing each has in common with the other particles is that they are from the same source.

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, but yesterday, today and tomorrow are not the same, and are not necessarily related. Your past does not determine your future. Whatever situation you are in today, realise that it has not come to stay, it has come to pass, whether it is a good one, or a bad one, it has come to pass. Everything is passing away, the world is always coming to an end, circumstances, situations and seasons are always coming to an end, giving way for new ones, only God and His word remains, for they are eternal.
Go for the Word, stop looking, start believing.

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