A Prayer For You.

I pray for you, that love will fill your heart, that you will be deeply convinced that whatever may seem to hold people down and trapped, is only an opportunity for rising, that you shall lend your skill, gift, and abilities to God, that God might build a dream, a vision, a godly ambition out of it in your heart, may He anoint your natural skill, gift, and abilities with divine energy, that you may apply your skill, gift, and abilities for the good of others and shine. May the world sing songs about you, as they did for Moses, and Deborah, and Barak, and David. Now, GO IN THE NAME OF THE LORD AND LIVE THE GOD LIFE, in Jesus Name.


2 thoughts on “A Prayer For You.

  1. That’s a thorough and wonderful prayer Edenwokoye. It’s the kind of prayer you keep pinned in the kitchen or in the Bible. In fact that’s what I shall do! Glad to have visited you site.

    • Thank you for visiting Mr Peter Foster(I hope it’s ok to address you so). It’s a privilege to meet your acquaintance sir. God be glorified in all, and thank you for that encouraging comment.

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