Agree With God, And The Universe Will Serve You.

It is impossible to stop or defeat a person who is in agreement with the evolving universe. That is what it means to be in the will of God, because God’s will is not for some abstract world somewhere, it is for the ongoing perfection of the world He created, for its growth, replenishing and multiplication.

Don’t get so hung up on “how we did it yesterday” that you get swept away by “how it is being done today.” Always have understanding of the times and what needs to be done, always seek God’s face to know exactly what the universe is serving for the season, and for the wisdom to get in on it.

Don’t be caught up in traditions. Change will always come, it is the motions of the evolving universe, but be prepared always for change, like Noah, have the ‘ark’ of a teachable spirit and adaptability to be able to ride out the waves of the flood when change comes.


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