What is “the fear of God?” In simple terms, the fear of God is practical faith, living by faith. It is conducting the affairs of ones life based on what one believes, as against what one perceives by ones physical senses, as James says, I will show you my faith by my works, meaning that, you will know what I believe by what I do and how I live. A life in the fear of God, is a life that has strong and far greater confidence in the possibility of what is in ones heart, than in what ones senses perceive.

We are talking about chasing after an enemy with the assurance of victory, not because you are equal or more than them in number, not because you are stronger than them in strenght, or more skilled than them in the art of war, but because you heard the voice of God in your heart telling you to go after them and defeat them. We are talking about attempting things in life because, deep within your heart you believe that they are possible, and you never stop trying till you accomplish it. Even when you ‘fail’, you take it as ‘success in disguise’, because to you, that is only an opportunity to learn more about how to succeed. So, instead of abandoning your quest, you make adjustments, learning from your mistake, and forge on towards your ‘expected end.’

Let me remind you of something that you may have taken notice of in the past. You would think that when God gives you a dream, that you will never make mistakes, or fail at some points right? Well, you’re wrong. Let’s start from the father of faith, Abraham himself. Can you remember some of the mistakes he made? Hagar and Ishmael, moving to Philistine and lying to Abimelech about Sarah. Then there is Isaac, repeating the ‘ancestral sin of lying about his wife to the philistines’, attempting to go to Egypt because things were better there. And Jacob, collected the wrong bride after seven years of waiting and labour, took what belonged to his brother dishonestly, and went down into Egypt, etc. 

The one thing consistent with all these mistakes is this; out of them, God worked out His will still, because these people kept their eyes on the expected end that God has promised, not allowing their mistakes to become the end, just a detour, from which they found their way back to the path. 

When we talk about the fear of God, we are talking about living a life that is inspired by the dream in your heart, and the assurance that it will come to pass; a life composed of thoughts, words, and actions leading towards the accomplishment of the dream, refusing to be influenced by what the world and the people around you say is possible or impossible, right or wrong, achievable or not. It is a life that does not allow the traditions(predictable processes of human life) around you to make the word of God(which is the building blocks used to build an earthly reality out of divinely inspired dreams by faith) of no effect.

These people were a race of gods, because they had the fear of God, lived by faith, and shunned the senses. But in Egypt, the enemy played a trick on them, and we shall see this tomorrow.
(YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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