Yesterday, we made mention of the fact, that Joseph was a man in whom the Spirit of God dwelt. And from our conversations about what it really means to have the Spirit of God, of which we did see from the scriptures, that the presence of the Spirit of God in a person has the undeniable, and always present effect of signs and wonders. So, we see the confirmation of this fact many times in Joseph’s life, from his divinely orchestrated escape from death and journey to Egypt, to the good fortune that his presence brought to Potiphar’s estate, and then to the interpretation of dreams and the wisdom that saved the Egyptian civilization and sorrounding nations.

It had been the same with his ancestors as well. It began with his great grandfather Abraham, then Isaac, even his father Jacob. They were no ordinary people, and lived no ordinary lives, they were ‘strange’ to the people of the earth, in the sense that, it seemed as though their lives were governed by a different set of laws. Their lives were not subject to the same laws that applied to everyone else, they seemed to operate by a different set of rules.

A few of their exploits and ‘strange’ accomplishments include; prospering when everyone else is suffering the brunt of famine, the ability to make their business produce the kind of results they want, becoming greater than the nation you live in as an immigrant, chasing down and overpowering an enemy far mightier in strenght and number than you, achieving greatness and prosperity without external help and the ability to live in the worst part of the earth, and yet make those living in the naturally most prosperous parts jealous of your ‘insulting’ wealth.

There was something about these people, something extraordinary, something that the wisdom of men cannot explain, something that defy the known, tested and tried practices of men, something that could not be correctly placed by the predictable life and experiences of men. They had a secret, one that has eluded men since the beginning of time, though simple, yet hard to understand, one would say obviously laid out in the things all around us, yet hidden from the wisest of men. What is this secret? Even you may scoff at the answer. The secret is “the fear of God.” Tomorrow we shall talk more about that and how it was taken away from them at Egypt.
(YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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