Let us go to Egypt, to the days of Israel’s bondage, and see something very familiar to, in fact identical to what we have been talking about in terms of people being taken captive by a mindset and imprisoned in a humanly predictable cycle, which is what the bible refers to as being held in bondage by the fear of death, or being enslaved by the kingdom of darkness.

Now, the Israelites had been in Egypt for quite a while, they had been growing and prospering in the land, and then a Pharoah that did not know Joseph came into power. Let’s just take some time to understand this clearly. The scripture describes Joseph as a man in whom the Spirit of God is, and in the land of Egypt, by the demonstration of that Spirit in him, he was able to ‘continue’ the work of God among the Israelites while they were in Egypt, so they grew and multiplied and prospered.

But then, in the course of time, a new authority came into the picture, it was an authority that had no regard nor respect for what Joseph had done in the land. Let me digress a bit here to say this; beware that in life, no matter how good you are, no matter the good you have done or are doing, there are those who will arise, who have no regard for what you are doing. They will play that part of satan, and tap into the fear of people, and plot to run you aground. 

In the same light, you must also have this very important point hanging in front of you always; the greatest threat to your progress in life, and at anything, comes with every successful step you take, and you have the capacity to become your own worst Pharoah. The temptation to pitch a tent at that point where you succeed is strong, your mind will rise against you, just like Pharoah rose against the Israelites. You will be tempted to forget that it was by faith you came to that point, and attempt to maintain your current success by works and forsake God. Don’t fall for it! Don’t be bewitched to think you can control a product of the spirit by the flesh.

Now, back to our current conversation. What we want to see, is how a people with whom the Spirit of God was, were able to be reduced to slaves, and then again snatched away from slavery, and restored to a people with the manifestation of the Spirit of God. And we shall have that conversation tomorrow.
(YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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