So, from our last conversation, we understand that people develop patterns in their minds through the repetition of three things; knowledge intake, belief based on that knowledge, and action stemming from that belief, which in turn give them a feedback in form of results, completing the cycle of what we call ‘learning.’ These results do the work of establishing the knowledge as either ‘valid’ or ‘invalid’ to the person. This is the essence of every effective learning system; you teach the student, the student receives the instruction, you get the student to put the belief to test, and then the student gets a result. 

But there is something about that system, it can be used both ways, positively and negatively. Let me explain; if you get a child, and start teaching the child that the way to happiness in life is to insult people, and then, when the child insults a person, you reward the child with a gift, something that makes them happy. What you’re doing, is cultivating the mind of the child to establish that, insulting people brings happiness. The more you repeat that cycle, the stronger that realisation becomes within the child’s mind. A mindset forms, the scriptures call this a stronghold. After some time, what you’ll have is a child, who believes in the deepest parts of their mind, that the way to happiness is through insulting people.

Let someone try to tell that child, that there is a better way to happiness, that someone will be wasting his or her energy. That child’s conscience has been trained to recognise a particular way to happiness, one which has been certified valid by the rewards(results) it produced. This is exactly what satan does to people through the agency of the flesh or physical senses. The knowledge that people acquire through ‘observation’ via the senses, lead them to a belief, which then inform a certain line of action that eventually produce an outcome, one that validates the knowledge of the senses as ‘fact’ and ‘reality.’ 

When Jesus says that the kingdom of God does not come by ‘observation,’ that you can’t say look at it here, or look at it there, but that, it is within you, He is telling us that, ‘true reality’ is not about what can be picked up with the senses within the environment around us, but that ‘true reality’ comes from something, somewhere deep within our hearts. The greatest question of the universe has been, “how do you get to that something, somewhere deep within the heart of man?” Jesus says it’s by being born again. Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. (John 3:5 NKJV)
YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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