This kind of governing influence we are talking about here, is something that develops and grows stronger over time. It means that, the power and effectiveness of ‘fears’ increase as one consistently repeat that cycle of knowledge intake, belief and corresponding action. For example, if you get a business idea, attempt to do something about it, and then give up for lack of physical cash. And then again, you get another business idea months later, and you write up a business plan, try to get the business off the ground, and then again abandon it for lack of sufficient physical cash. What happens is that, your mind deduces that without physical cash, you cannot start a business. So, next time you get a business idea, before you even start, you’ll first of all check how much you have, and decide if the business will work or not.

At this point, the person might think he or she is still in control of their life, but they’re not. The knowledge that says, “business cannot be done without money” has taken control of their life, it has become the god that determines if their business ideas will succeed or not, it has become their ‘god of new business ventures’. This is exactly how nations develop several gods for each aspect of their culture, and this is how people get into bondage in life, and live in darkness. This is how ignorance gains control of people, and brings them into the governing influence of that ‘lie’, which is what becomes their fear in life, keeping them from the truth, which is able to set them free.

Let’s remind ourselves of how this develops; first of all, there is ignorance, which we understand to be ‘protection from the truth’ and not necessarily ‘no knowledge at all.’ It is knowledge that distracts people or prevents people from the truth. So, ignorant people actually have knowledge, but this knowledge they have is wrong, and so it is called a lie. The ignorant person attempts to use this lie in the same way that truth is meant to be used, and that’s why we call it ignorance.

Now, when people operate with lies, they get results consistent with the lie, and then a pattern forms in their mind, they know that “this is what you get if you do these things.” The more they repeat that cycle, the stronger that pattern becomes in their mind. That result they keep getting, that has been proven over time, is what is called death, if the person is operating with sense knowledge. The ‘fear of death’, which is the fear of “what will happen if they do these things”, takes over the persons life, by making sure they always act with the result of the process in mind, thereby giving control of their life to the pattern. Please think deeply on that. We will discuss that more.
(YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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