To ‘fear something’ is to be under the controlling influence of that ‘something,’ an influence born out of deep seated and active respect. It produces in the one, a complete trust in the ability and characteristics of that ‘something.’ When one fears ‘something,’ the things known about that ‘something,’ govern the affairs of the one’s life. As far as that ‘something’ which one fears is involved, one calculates the benefits of one’s dealings, the results or consequences of one’s actions, and the final outcome of one’s methods or ways based on the known attributes and workings of that ‘something.’

For example, let’s imagine a fifty storey building, with a porch on each floor, including the ground floor, and each overlooking the compound. Now, imagine you are afraid of heights, and you are going from floor to floor, checking out the porch on each floor. Because of your fear for heights, your entire behaviour when on the porch, as you go higher up the building, will keep changing with respect to what you know of heights, and what can happen with heights. How you move around on the porch, the closest you get to the edges, the degree of carefulness you excercise, how you look down the porch, your behaviour changes as you go higher up. This is what fear is, it is not a feeling, it is a governing system composed of knowledge and belief, which is strengthened more and more with each experience.

Remember our illustration of the two men, one swinging a rope with a dagger at one end and the other swinging a rope with something harmless at the other end? You realise that the movement of the objects at the end of the rope is governed by the movement of the men’s hands? And that the only reason why the objects were moving in agreement with the movement of the men’s hands is because of the rope connecting them? Don’t be told otherwise, each person is led in life by some knowledge and a set of beliefs based on that knowledge, if that knowledge is supplied by your physical senses, you are living in “the fear of death”, but if that knowledge is supplied by the truth, then you are living in “the fear of God.”
(YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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