Fear is not necessarily the opposite of faith as it is generally thought to be, it is actually the faith of the senses. Yes, ‘godly faith’ and fear are on opposite sides of the gulf, but only in the fact that they each revolve around different centres. Complete faith and complete fear are made up of the same essence. So, in terms of their working, faith and fear share something very remarkable in common. What the scriptures call ‘the fear of God’ is what we referred to above, as complete faith, and what the scriptures call ‘the fear of death’ is what we referred to above as complete fear. Jesus is the embodiment of complete faith, and His presence destroys complete fear, so the scripture says, that Jesus came to destroy the fear of death.

Let’s look at something which has the same nature as faith and fear, so that we can further understand this most powerful influence. Get an artificial flower or something appealing, tie it to one end of a cord, hold the other end of the cord, start whirling the cord round and round. Try whirling it in different directions, then just move your hand in any set of directions, maybe move it forward, then downward, then up, to the side, and just wiggle your wrist so that the flower starts to dangle on the cord, ok, that’s it, you can stop.
Imagine there’s another man, a terrorist, doing the same thing that you’re doing, but instead of a flower, he has a sharp dagger tied to the cord, and he is indiscriminately swinging the dagger around in a crowded room.

Now, assume that the flower and dagger is a person, assume that you holding the cord is God, and the other man is the devil. Assume the cord is either complete faith or complete fear. Assume the knot tied around the key is what we generally refer to as faith or fear, and the point of contact between your hand or the other man’s hand, and the cord is the will of God or the devices of the devil. I will give you a meditation excercise on this.

Take a few moments to think deeply about the illustrations above, meditate on what we are talking about. Allow your mind to run through the scriptures, remembering passages that throw more light unto this, when you find one, stop, and ponder on it for a while and see what else it links you to. If a scripture pops up at you, murmur it to yourself, repeat it to yourself, allow yourself to be soaked and submerged in them, and light will shine upon your mind. It is important that you do this, and I will advise you to do it when your mind is relaxed, and where you will not be disturbed, where there is no noise. Jesus usually did this in the early hours of the morning, I’ll recommend that too. This is where real prayer flows from, this is what meditation is.
See you tomorrow.
(YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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