What is fear? In order to understand what fear really is, and why ‘the fear of death’ has to be destroyed, before sin can be conquered, we need to go back, and remember a few things from our previous conversations.

First, we need to remember that sin is not the ‘act’ itself. For example, if I am in the midst of people, among whom I have built up a certain level of reputation, and along comes a person, and insults me openly. My mind, based on the present circumstances, will begin to process a response to what has just happened. My senses will marshal out reasons into my mind, reasons based on what my eyes have seen, what my ears have heard and what my body is feeling at that moment. Now, if these reasons from my senses are the only reasons in my mind, they will be the only things that I see, and based on them alone, I will draw my conclusion and decide how to react. My response will probably be to reduce the reputation of the person who has just insulted me, so that mine will rise above.

In this example, the sin here is not my reaction, the sin is the decision I made in my mind, to react based on the suggestions of my senses. The reaction itself, is what the scripture calls death. On this realm, death is the manifestation of decisions inspired by the senses, just like life is the manifestation of decisions inspired by faith in the word that is hidden in my heart. This is why Jesus says, “I am the life,” because Jesus is the manifestation of the word.

Secondly, we did use an illustration about the way a thing changes in form, as it moves from one realm to another. We saw how steam, which is gaseous water, becomes liquid water, and then ice, as it goes from one state to another. We also saw how dust becomes sand, and sand become pebbles, and then pebbles turn into stones and then into rocks, rocks eventually become mountains: the same dust, but existing in different forms, as the reality in which it exists changes. Jesus was first of all God, then words, and then flesh and blood. In the same way, there are three levels of death we need to be aware of; there is the death we just talked about, then the physical death, and then eternal death, which are all ‘separation from God at different levels of reality.’

The death we just talked about, is separation of your actions from “God as truth hidden in the heart of man.” There is a very serious reason why the ‘fear of death’ must be destroyed in other to have complete victory over sin, and we will see this tomorrow.
(YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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