For the sake of clarity, let us state something clearly here. I try as much as possible in these conversations, to not ‘spiritualise’ anything. Yes, we are talking about spiritual things, but these spiritual things are very practical, and they are laid out for us in very simple forms.
How many of you reading this right now, have ever tried to manually lift your car up, in order to change a flat tyre? I know, it’s foolish isn’t it? I mean, the jack is there, so why waste time and energy trying to manually lift the car, which, by the way, is a futile attempt. The wise thing is to use your jack. All the energy you need is the energy to operate the jack, and you get exactly what you want; lift the vehicle up, hold it up while you change your tyre, and then when you’re done, lower it down gently.

Liquid water and ice blocks are both water right? Ok. So, why is it that people don’t drink ice blocks? The answer is obvious; water, in its ice form is in a state that the mouth cannot drink. A lot of church folks try to engage spiritual forces in warfare, on a plane that they are not allowed to operate in. While satan is within the walls of their city(their mind) pounding them to despair, they are pitifully trying to shoot arrows from there, all the way to the origins. Now, that’s the height of ignorance.

The forces of darkness(perceptions and impulses of the flesh) ride out of the earth(your senses), and the forces of light(faith inspired impulses rooted in love) ride out of heaven(your spirit), and they meet on the plains of your mind. It is here, that you must engage the enemy, pulling down whatever stronghold he is trying to build in you, and capturing every one of those satanic suggestions, with the expectations of your heart generated by faith in the word of God. Whatever leaves your mind from this battle, in the form of words, will produce a manifest reality on the earth consistent with itself, in the fullness of time, if it holds on to the victory. It is they that overcome to the end, that shall receive the manifestation.

Look, your problems are not out there, they are in here, inside you. You are like a projector, the things happening in your life are projections of your mind, through your words. Scripture tells us that the man, out of what is in him, brings forth the experiences of his life. Out of your heart flows the issues of life. Do not be ignorant of that.
(YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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