We established from the scriptures, concerning the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light, that here in this world, just as God manifested in human form as Christ, the “kingdom of darkness” manifests as life governed by the senses, and the “kingdom of light” manifests as life governed by faith. We saw that the senses are a prison where the natural man experiences alienation from the reality of God, that those who live by their senses, cannot see God, cannot understand God, and cannot make God real to others in any way. They only produce ‘death’ in the world around them. Their thoughts, decisions, words and actions are void of love, and are inspired by fear, based on what the senses can relate to.

We saw also from scriptures, using as shadow, the life of a human being from birth to adulthood, how people move from the life in Eden, to the life outside of Eden, how people move from love, to fear, as they grow to accept the deceitfulness of sin in place of truth. We saw from scriptures, that every decision we make in favour of our natural senses, is sin. The parable of the sower talks about the seed that is choked to death by the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of sin. The carnal satisfaction that people experience when they satisfy their senses, give them the illusion that everything is ok. People are deceived and led away from God by these illusions.

And then, as a result of this, people get to the point, where this deception becomes the only reality they know, their hearts become hardened, that the seed of righteousness, which is God’s word, cannot grow on it. Actually it is a veil that blocks access into their spirit, the same cherub that stands guard at the entrance to Eden. Because of this, their ‘eyes’ become blinded and cannot see the ‘appearances’ of God in their day to day living: their ‘ears’ become deaf to the ‘callings and trumpet sounds’ of God. 

It is impossible, for anyone in this situation to save oneself. The scripture calls satan, the ‘mighty and terrible one,’ to whom fallen man, is a lawful captive. This means, that satan has divine legal right over the life of fallen man, holding them helplessly bound with the strongholds of ignorance, fear and idolatry. We shall talk about this more tomorrow, and then we shall get to talk about what the apostle meant when he said that only Christ can save him from this body of sin.
(YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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