John 6:28-33, Romans 8:1-13, Exodus 25:17-22.

Let me say this here, the direction of our conversations at the moment will challenge a lot of the knowledge that you grew up with, about God and what it really means to be a child of God. It is necessary that this happens so that we can grow, and move away from a place of weakness to a place of strenght. I wish I could shield you from the pain of relearning, but I can’t. Christ is not coming back for a church that is weak, He is coming back for a church that is mature. So, please relax, just go back and look up each set of scriptures from each post and prayerfully study them, asking God to open your eyes of understanding to them.

Now, when man sinned in the beginning, God drove him out from the garden, into the outer parts of Eden, where man became subject to the same laws that ruled the earth. Whatever he accomplishes outside Eden would be by his own ability, in sorrow and sweat. It is no longer possible for man to eat from the garden that God planted, here man must exchange equal value for whatever he desires. That dwelling place, outside of Eden where man was chased out to, is the flesh. We have to understand that a whole lot of the Old Testament is a shadow, Eden is a shadow of the spirit of man and the dwelling outside of Eden where man was chased out to is a shadow of the flesh,; that life that is governed by the senses.

The flesh, or “natural sense life” is governed by the same laws that govern the earth, for both are dust. Whatever applies to the earth, also apply to sense life. For example; when you pour water on the earth, it will be absorbed into the dust of the earth and be used up, then the earth will become dry again. It cannot sustain water, it has to be watered again and again. In the same way, when you pour the water of God’s word into your life on earth, like when a revelation from God’s word comes to you, you will be ‘wet’ with the rhema of God’s word, and be feeling faith on the inside of you, but after some time, that faith begins to fade away as the water begins to be absorbed into the circumstances of life, and eventually you become dry again. That is why meditation is crucially necessary, you cannot walk in faith if you do not water your life over and over.

The water that waters the physical earth comes from the heavens, or what we also call the sky. The water of God’s word that waters your life comes from the spiritual heavens, which is your spirit, for out of your belly shall flow streams of living water. The streams that went out from Eden to water the earth is a shadow of the streams of living water that flows from our belly(spirit) to water our lives on earth. We can only live on this earth as God intends for us to live if our earthly lives are watered by the water of God’s word that flow from our spirit. That is why the scripture says that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of The Lord. In the course of our conversations we will see that the mouth of The Lord speaks from within our spirit, where God fellowships with us.
(YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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