An altar can be built with something God did in your life personally, in another person’s life or in the bible. For example, let’s assume you are one of those who experienced the Red Sea crossing. A typical New Testament altar will be a memory of the whole dividing, crossing and chariot drowning experience, marked by “He makes a way where there seems to be no way” and “Be not afraid of their faces for I am with thee, to deliver thee…”

When we present our bodies as a living sacrifice, it is on altars such as these that we lay ourselves, bound with cords. We commit ourselves on the rampart willingly and wait on The Lord. The scripture from Isaiah 40 which we read in our last conversation talks about waiting on The Lord. The Greek word translated ‘wait’ actually means to bind oneself or twist oneself together with something. Waiting on The Lord, means to surrender oneself to God’s word, as one who is bound with cords. You might find yourself in a tight corner, one from which you can free yourself if you can just put God aside for the moment. In times like that, you bind yourself with the word or God, just like Jesus did when He was tempted. You do nothing but stand at peace with God’s word, for the love of God constrains you.

The spiritual warfare, which the bible talks about, is the fight of faith, the fight to keep ourselves bound by and under the control of the word of God. In life generally, a lot of things come up, and try to get us anxious and full of worry, so that we begin to run up and down trying to sort things out with carnal abilities, seeking help from various quarters we are not supposed to, employing tactics that are human and applying the world’s wisdom to our situations. No. We shouldn’t do all that. We ought to hold unto our peace, which comes from faith in God’s word. We ought to bind ourselves, keep ourselves from responding to the suggestions of the flesh and the world in whatever situation we find ourselves, by strapping ourselves down with the word of God.

Like Isaac, we must allow our Father to tie us with the cords of His word, and place us on the altar as living sacrifices. We don’t have to let our minds dwell on the hopelessness of the situations, bowing before lying idols(these are knowledge, facts, appearances, etc about the situation that exalt themselves above what the word of God can do). We need to keep our minds in remembrance of the things that God has done in the past based on His word, things He can still do. That is what it means to bow before God’s altar. Just like Abraham knew that “God will provide,” and held his peace before that trying situation, we also must do the same to keep our faith waxing strong. We must constantly keep ourselves bound by and to the word of God.
(YOU ARE AS CHRIST IS. Ephesians  2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)

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