The essence of a woman being in labour is not the pain she experiences in the process, it is the child that comes after the labour. And when that happens, there is joy unspeakable released.

Don’t be the religious Christian who sees value in suffering itself, see the value of the eternal weight of glory it is producing in you. And I’m not talking about heaven, I’m talking about the fact that sickness comes to you so that you can develop your faith and effect your own healing. I’m talking about the fact that you get into financial lack so that you can develop your faith for finances, and learn how to reap the harvest of finances from the tree of faith growing in your heart. I’m talking about the fact that your heart gets broken in a relationship so that you can go to God and learn how to find and recognise the right person for you.

That is what it means to suffer for Christ, labouring successfully in unpleasant opportunities to add more of Christ in you, that Christ may be gradually and completely formed in you, through the breaking up of your former make up, and then reconstituting you according to the word of God. Christian suffering, suffering for Christ is the unpleasant labour pains that translates to less of you, and more of Christ.

Any other kind of suffering is demonic and unchristian. The reason why a believer suffers without end in an affliction is usually because the believer hasn’t allowed the aspect of Christ that manifests the glory of God in that situation to come out of him or her, as a child comes out of a woman in labour. God is constantly working to put all the enemies of Christ under His footstool, you are God’s co-labourer.

These things may sound off to you now, but the day will come when you will understand it all, and know even as you are known. When you understand the place of afflictions and suffering(tests), you will realise that they are more valuable to you than blessings. I pray that your eyes of understanding may be enlightened to understand this.


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