Now that you’ve succeeded in planting the seed of God into your spirit or heart by believing the word of God, that seed will begin its growth. Just as there is life in every seed, which comes forth once it is planted in the soil that has water, so also the word of God has life in itself, and that life comes forth once we put that word into the soil of our hearts and mix it with faith. You don’t have to do any other thing for the seed to germinate and release the life within it. Have you ever seen a farmer going to a seed he has planted to maybe talk to it and beg it to germinate, of play some good music for it, so that it will be merciful to the farmer and come out? So, why do you worry about the word, about how it will work and do what it says it will do?

A lot of people are like a farmer, who plants a seed, and every morning he goes and digs out the seed from the soil to check if it is germinating. That seed will never germinate. People plant the word of God, and then, every time something happens, something that seems like the word is not working, they open their mouth and say something, or they take an action that literally says, “I don’t believe the word will work”, and then after that, they will claim they are “believing God” for it. 

For example, someone might pray for the transformation of a wayward child, and then when the child acts bad, the person will say, “look at him, useless child, you will never amount to anything in life.” Then the person will still claim he or she is believing God for the transformation of the child. Sorry, but you don’t believe anything, and your prayer will not be answered, because you keep pulling up the seed. You are a double minded person, and you shouldn’t expect to reap any fruit from the seed you’ve planted. Make up your mind fast, do you want the seed out of the soil, or in the soil? If you want the seed in the soil, then this is what you do.

Meditate on it. Meditate on the word. In farming terms, that means keep watering the seed. When something that seems contrary to what the word is going to do happens, meditate on it, when you notice those lying vanities, don’t observe them, meditate, don’t look at the winds, don’t look at the clouds, if you do, you will not sow your seed, and you will not reap your harvest, just keep meditating on the word. How do you meditate? You already know that to meditate is to water the seed. And you already know that water is faith, and that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word. So, to meditate is to make your spirit hear the word over and over, so that more and more rain falls on your spirit, thereby watering it. So, confess the word, speak the word to yourself, think the word, etc. We shall discuss this more tomorrow.
(YOU ARE CHRIST. Ephesians 2:13-16, Galatians 2:18-20)


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