We will discuss the three stages of baptisms further, the first two in detail, then I will just say a few things about the final stage, for reasons I mentioned in our last conversation. Before we quite get to discussing those stages, I feel strongly that we should discuss meditation. We have been mentioning it a lot, and we will continue to do that in the course of these conversations. Meditation is a fundamental practice in the doctrine of baptisms, and hence, in the effectiveness of every believer. Without meditation in baptism nobody can taste the realities of the word of God, nobody can experience the mysteries of Christ.

We will take out a few days out of our time on this series, to discuss meditation, so that everyone will follow the discussion with deeper understanding. You will be surprised at what you will find out about meditation. Everybody knows how to meditate to some level, and everybody alive has been meditating, including you. Yes, you have been meditating all your life, it’s just that you never knew what you were doing. We are each living in a reality created by our mind, the greater number of us unknowingly. People unknowingly create negative experiences for themselves even without knowing it.

Let me ask you some questions. Have you ever thought about something so much, and murmured and talked about it so much that you begin to feel it will surely happen, and surprisingly it does? Have you ever feared something so much, that it made you think and ponder so much, made you talk about it so much, and eventually it happens? Have you ever heard the expression, “the things you fear, will happen to you?” Has someone ever done something to you, and you found yourself thinking about it over and over again, pondering over it, why it happened, what gave the person the guts, and all that, then you will say some words to yourself about it, and talk about it to someone, then you think about it some more. And while you’re doing all this, you are getting more and more upset about the whole incident, your boldness and courage to confront the person is building, eventually you find yourself in a fight with the person?

Think about this very well, let this scripture help you, “Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23 NKJV)” We will continue tomorrow.


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