In the course of these conversations, God will show us from His word, that the doctrine of baptisms is the primary way He brings divine manifestations into our lives. It is through that constant gaze on the word, that we are transformed into the very image of what we are seeing, and that is how we are also moved from glory to glory in spiritual maturity. We will see that this is how we get born again at that initial moment we encounter Christ, that is how we grow in Christ, and that is how we step into immortality. You will see examples, both from the scriptures and your own life, that this is true, things that you’ve been doing and getting results from, based on this doctrine of baptisms, eventhough you didn’t really know or called it by that name.

While we live, there are three stages of baptism we must each go through to fully experience the fullness of God. However, only the first and the last are inevitable. The first makes us alive in Christ at that moment we encounter the saving gospel of Christ. The second is a collection of many baptisms occurring over a period of time and in various circumstances. This second stage is the stage of development and maturity in Christ, where more and more of Christ is constantly revealed in us, where we work out our salvation, overcoming addictions, crushing every head of the serpent in our lives, doing exploits according to the will of God, enforcing the victory of Christ in our own lives, daily and perpetually growing towards perfection.

The third and final stage ushers us into immortality. When you go through this baptism, you will no longer be here on earth, you will move into the same realm that Jesus moved into when He resurrected. Here is the progression; the first moves you from a spiritually dead man into the life that Jesus had when He was on earth. The second stage grows you in that life towards mastering it. Then the third moves you into the celestial realm, or heaven. Most people only attain this stage through death, and many will through the rapture, however there are instances in the scriptures of those who became rapturable in life, Enoch and Elijah.

We shall discuss the first and second to a depth you can work with, but not the third, for very serious reasons that fall in the same category with trying to make oneself a new creation. So, just know there is a third baptism, and be satisfied with going through it by sleeping in Christ, or by rapture, that is enough for now. See you tomorrow.


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