So, for your faith walk to remain alive and effective till the day it bears fruit, i.e. The day it manifests, you have to remain connected to and keep drawing sustainance from what gives it life; which is God. We have said it over and over in the course of this conversation, that the source of life for reality, the building blocks of creation is the word of God.

When God gives you a word for something, you must remain connected to that word through meditation till the day it manifests, and if it is a word for something that lasts a lifetime, like holiness or victory over a particular sin, then that connection through meditation has to remain till you enter into your rest in that thing, then after that you will need it to bruise the head of the serpent or trample the serpent under your foot each time you sense it rising up again.

This is the secret of living the Christ life successfully. Meditation in the word of God is at the foundation of living the life of holiness. Once you take up any of the scriptures that talk about these things and begin to meditate on them, they begin to come alive within you, and they begin to spread through your whole being just like yeast spreads through flour, or cancer through the body, they eat up your inability and corruption, replacing your corruption with the life of Christ. 

As long as your focus remains on those scriptures, your whole being is energized with the essence of those words, and so in the same way that sickness and other things harken to the voice of His word, your body harkens to the voice of His word as you speak words of power in the form of confessions from that place of life and power that the word through meditation has pulled you into. If your eye be single, your whole body will be full of light. You will keep in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You. If you focus on the word, you will become the word.

A little note of warning; when you begin to enter and enjoy the tremendous power and spiritual ease in this place we’re talking about, one of the rules is this; “never become proud, or begin to look down on those who are not operating from there yet. You must exercise great compassion and patience once you enter this zone, just as you see in the life of Christ.” Tomorrow we shall continue our conversation.


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