A Prayer For You.

This is my prayer for you. It is true of you, not only now in 2014, but from now henceforth.

“Everything that has kept you from your godliness, your full God-identity in perception, character and experience shall be exposed for the lie that they are, and you shall break away from under their hold, and come into His light and walk in it, abiding in the truth all the days of your life. Amen!”

These are the implications of this prayer:

You shall not walk in the darkness of your senses from now henceforth, where all that is real to you are those things which your natural senses can perceive, for these very things will only remain temporarily until they are replaced by the things that are coming.

God shall continually illuminate your spirit with the light of His word, and with your spirit illuminated like a torch, you shall always be able to look into the God-dimension of you, and see the correct image and actual configurations of that part of Him you have been “cut” from, and realise the reason at every stage and point in your life why that part of God has been sent here.

May this vision that you see, this reality made manifest within your spirit by the light of His word also be reflected to shine upon your head; may your spirit teach your mind how to think in line with this vision, so that you may continually walk in the light, as one who has the light of life.

May the things that are real to you be those things that you perceive, not with your natural senses but with faith, for those are the things that are permanent. They will remain long after all that the natural senses perceive has faded away, for you shall let faith together with patience do their work.

From now henceforth, you see only The Lord. As you searched out your divine identity with the light of His word on your spirit, so also in every situation and circumstance that you encounter, you shall know only God’s version of the story, not that told by the doctor, or your banker, or your physical body, not that told by your enemies, or your “facts”, or those it has happened to before, no! You see only The Lord.



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