A Christmas Thought.

Today we are reminded of the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s awesome gift to mankind, who came to do God’s will on earth among the sons and daughters of men. He was full of the Holy Spirit and went about doing good; healing the sick, making wise the foolish, setting free the captive, opening the prison doors of sense life for many to enter into the freedom of the Spirit, turning our bodies from tombs in which we are buried to a terbanacle where God lives, and on, and on, and on the good tidings go!

Today, I simply want to remind you that the reason for today is Christ. So, in all you do today, keep Him before your eyes, step into His shoes today and don’t step out of it ever again. Yes, the reason for today is Christ, and that same Christ is in you, it is the hope of glory, the assurance that with faith and patience doing their work in you, you will always at every point be a source of praise to God, and a wonder to the world.

Never forget this; as the Father sent Jesus, so Jesus sent you. In other words, all that God sent Jesus to accomplish on earth, Jesus, after transferring all authority in heaven and earth to you and I, made out of Himself and everyone of us one man, a new creature was born, of whom the Holy Spirit makes true also all that is true of Christ, so that we can fully and perfectly “occupy His responsibilities and office on earth untill He returns”.

So, my dear dear friends, brothers, sisters and parts of the body of Christ, of which I am one, remember that today, the world will remember the birth of Jesus Christ, but they can have more that a mere rememberance, for through your “stepping into Christ’s shoe” today, your acts of love, compassion, demonstration of divine power and wisdom, kindness, goodness, help, comfort and the like, the world can, and will experience Christ through you, today, tomorrow and for all your days. I love you all dearly from my heart. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!


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