Now, this knowledge we speak of is not the knowledge that sits in our heads. It is not the “information we have,” it is the “truth we believe.” The word that is usually all of a sudden activated within our spirit, making us leap up in faith is most of the time a word that has always been with us, all the while as mere information in our head, until God works that word into life within us, maybe during a sermon, or while we are praying or meditating, and by so doing make us realize that there is a reality that actually exists which that word speak of. Then we are like, wow! It’s real! It’s true! It exists! I can have it! It suddenly is no longer an information but a thing. And so we enter into this peace that people can’t understand with reason, they can’t see what we’re seeing.

We did mention that the practice of keeping our faith alive for something till we see that thing practically manifested has close relationship with maintaining that peace that passes all understanding. We said it is the art of making use of the second key of the kingdom of God, which is PEACE. One cannot exist without the other. So, from here on in this conversation, I will be interchangeably using these terms; faith, faith energy, spiritual stamina and peace.

There is one subtle thing worthy of note at this point. This our talk of peace is actually an invitation to war. To maintain that peace, to keep your faith energy at optimal level takes war. There can be no peace without war, don’t be deceived. Since the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffers violence, and only the violent take it by force. Violence there in the original Greek translation means “to force your way through.” 

The kingdom of God is not meat and drink my dears, dump every gospel that tells you differently. The kingdom of God is righteousness(self abandonment for the will of God), peace(at home with God’s will, which is maintained by fighting and maintaining your victory over every high thought contrary to God’s will) and joy(which opens the gates for the King of Glory to come in. We will still get to this later, but the fullness of joy exists only in the presence of God).


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