You Will Never Fail!

There are three infallible reasons why I can never be less than the dream God has inspired within me, I am a god in my earth space, God’s ambassador in the sphere of life He has destined me.

(1) I have received a “white stone” from God on which is written the name by which He calls me. I now know that name and answer to it in my thoughts, words and actions upon the earth. I know God’s will for my life.

(2) I am standing on my watch always, listening in to divine conversations about me. So, I know what He says to me and I know what to “answer” every thought coming into my mind, every word spoken at me and every event I experience. I know His will and I keep seeking His will.

(3) I am surrounded by a multitude of counsellors who speak the very oracle of God. I hear them and in so doing I hear God. No matter how much I know I keep telling myself how little I know, I’m ever hungry for His words and He is well able to satisfy my hunger, continually.

I share this with you so that you will know what it will take you to say the same thing about yourself. Join me, please.


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