Just to gather our thoughts together a bit, let’s remember we’ve been having a conversation on HOW TO PRACTICALLY OPERATE IN GOD’S SHOES, and in the course of that God began to show us the “keys” to the kingdom of God which God has gladly given to us, for it is written, “it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Scripture identified these three keys for us as righteousness, peace and joy.

We understood what it really means to be righteous, to be in right standing before God, to be the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. You could refer to the earlier parts of this series for the more elaborate conversation on righteousness. However, in summary, we did understand that righteousness is “taking God at His word, taking God’s will expressed through His word as your own, coming into ownership of God’s will having denied your own will. We understood that righteousness is like a seed, it’s God planting His will into the earth, making a person pregnant with His will, which when successfully delivered brings about the manifestation of God’s will.

Then, we began to see that this pregnancy is usually at risk, that as a matter of necessity this pregnancy must be tested and tried, that if it passes this proofing period, then it is confirmed that it is born of God, for whatever is born of God overcomes the world. This led us to where we are now, having our hearts instructed by the Spirit on how to build up spiritual energy in the form of faith, which is able to sustain us through this proofing period.

Can you recall what it’s like in your mind the very first time you get a word from God about an issue, remember that confidence, that assurance in your heart that puts you at peace with whatever the current situation is, not because you’ve accepted “what is” but because you’re so sure of “what’s coming”? Yes, that spiritual state described by scripture as “peace that passes all understanding…”
My dears, the genius, the distinctive character of building up our faith capacity is the sustainance of that peace: it’s actually the practice of using the second key of the kingdom, which is PEACE.

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