“YOU ARE CHRIST” What does it mean?

A few days back my friend brought a very important thing to my attention. It concerns the sign-off statement I started using recently at the end of my posts. I’m speaking of this, “YOU ARE CHRIST”.

Until she pointed this matter out to me, I wasn’t seeing it, and when she did, I knew the observation she made is valid, I also realised that the right thing to do is to write a special post explaining why I use that statement to sign off my posts. So, if you’ve been having some reservations in your mind about that statement, as I imagine some people do, I hope what I say here will give you answers and hopefully calm your mind.

To those who have been having reservations about that statement I begin by saying that I would not have expected anything less from you. I commend you as Paul commended the Berean Christians, who would not rush to embrace knowledge they don’t understand, until they have verified its authenticity with scripture. Continue in that and you will preserve your precious souls.

Why did I switch from using “O LORD COME SOON” to using “YOU ARE CHRIST”, and what does it mean? The former is a constant subtle reminder to my readers that Christ is coming back, and therefore to be constantly ready for their Lord’s return. It was intended to bounce off your spirits and produce an echo of practical daily readiness for, and a constant awareness of Christ’s return.

The recent is a prophetic statement into your spirit, intended to constantly nudge you towards your ultimate destiny, which is perfection in christlikeness. Scripture teaches us that the life we now live, it is not us that live but Christ who lives in us, having been crucified and buried with Him, we have resurrected with Him also “to live His life” since He has lived our own. He told us that the Holy Ghost will transfer everything belonging to Him, His identity, nature, destiny, abilities, everything to us. This is necessary because He gave us a mission, “as the Father sent me, so I am sending you”, which means go and be me. It is our faithfulness in ‘being Christ’ that shall grant us God’s commendation into heaven when Christ returns.

Right now, we are occupying the full identity of the anointed one till He comes back, “…occupy till I come.” So, constantly I remind you that…YOU ARE CHRIST…to be yourself, your true self, manifest O son of God! The earth is waiting.


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