So far this is what we know for sure; that the word of God is the building block for all reality. If your destiny, or an area of your life, or a particular event that’s coming up in your life is a building, then the word of God(which is the expressed will of God) are the blocks that will be used to build it. If you know how to work out your salvation, you will receive for yourself an expected end, if you don’t, though you think it’s the devil(well it’s him applying the word against you), the word, or better put, the lack of the word will produce the unexpected end for you, for my people perish for lack of knowledge.

Do you remember the period when the boy Samuel was called by God? There was so much evil and scarcity of God’s intervention in the affairs of Israel as a nation. Why? It was because the sins of the priests made the word of God scarce.

Another thing we know is that it is very easy for God to bring us to that point where He lays hold on our spirit, and overshadows it like He overshadowed Mary, introduce the divine sperm that produces reality, which is His word into our spirit, and use it to fertilize the egg, which is our faith, that is supposed to eventually develop into a manifest reality on the earth. So many people usually leave a sermon so joyful, feeling like they are already moving that mountain before them.

But we also know that for example when the sickness in that body begins to fight and struggle to maintain a hold on it, by all sorts of efforts, when that addiction begins to fight for continued control, when the stories about the man in charge, and the “obvious” appearances and “facts” about the situation begin to struggle against your faith, you allow the abortion of God’s baby reality you were carrying, you lose the healing, the deliverance and the contract.

So the question we asked ourselves was, why do we stumble in the face of the trials and testing of our faith according to Mattew 13:21,22? Why do we keep loosing God’s baby? Before the end of this series, that will change in your life.


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