In the example situation of bodily illness we’re using, these “contradictions” could be increased symptoms which will come with a lying suggestion that your faith is not working. It could be the tears of a loved one who can’t bear to see you sick and is begging you to do something “realistic” about your situation. Whatever it is, you need to know and always remember this very fundamental truth: there are two forces in life that balance out to produce equilibrium or stability in reality.

In positioning they’re called action and reaction, in computer programming they’re called good code and bad code, in language they’re called words and opposites, in existence they’re called life and death, in perception they’re called light and darkness and in ultimate reality they’re “truth” and “lie”. Where you eventually come to rest depends on which force you allow yourself to be moved by, the greater force will always cancel out the lesser.

You must always recognise what is “truth” and what is “lie” in every situation you face in life, that is key, that is the foundation, and that will determine what kind of blocks you build your reality with. “Truth” is the will of God expressed through His word. Keep your mind’s eye focused on the light of truth and it will eventually illuminate your whole life with the essence of truth. If you accept the lies and take your eyes off the truth, you will miss the manifestation of Christ.

Build your realities with gold, travel through life guided by the light of truth. This is possible when you find the truth for yourself through study and meditation. That word has to come into your spirit, be captured by your spirit with faith and absorbed into your whole being through meditation. You cannot depend on hearsay; my pastor said, they said it works, I think if it works for Angela it will work for me, no, that’s not born of God and it won’t overcome the attack that will come. Get the word for yourself.


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