I knew this day will come, when they will tell my story, and speak of me like I was a never-in-the-rough, perfectly cut diamond that dropped out of the sky. History will tell tales of my greatness, the one who changed the face of the earth. The world will dangle tokens from my life in your face, they will tell you how much money I had, where I lived, what I drove, flew in and conquered the oceans with. 

Fathers will motivate their sons with heroic tales of me, mothers will encourage their daughters with the most beautiful story of irresistible virtue, teachers will take bits and pieces of my life and educate you to measure up to them, the list will go on and on. 

In telling my story, I fear they will leave out the most important and truly relevant part of it all. They will not tell you of the child born in an obscure village in a third world country, they will not tell you of the fears, the failures and the sorrows, they will not talk about the one that everyone thought of as incapable, lacking what it takes to make something reasonable out of life. They will forget to mention the late bloomer, the one time quitter, the dreamer, the one with more talk than results. 

They will be so unfair they will not tell you about the one who was exactly just like you. Yes. All I had was a soul and a body to live in. My priced possessions were only but two; a dream and my fair share of time. I saw the future, I believed in it, I spoke to the earth on its behalf, I stood by my belief and did what I needed to do, and I was happy and content with every bit of the journey. 

Now, having opened this door, and showed them that there is a road here, that leads to the place of wonders, they will speak of the wonders only, they will tell you about them as if they mattered, when all that really mattered were the little things you have today, the little steps that make the journey. Believe me, this person they are talking to you about is future you. Open your eyes, see and believe. Despise not the day of little beginnings.
I believe in you.


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