Now, just to lay a foundation on which to build on tomorrow: take a few minutes to remember one time you received a word from God about something in your life, how you believed and held unto God’s word, and regardless of all the odds you faced, even when you felt like you gave up on it, somehow you found strength again to take you to the last day of your trials, and you received what the word promised. Joyful day isn’t it?

I also want you to remember the other time you wanted something, and you found something from the bible to support your desire. You really felt very optimistic about it, but in the course of time you forgot all about it, or you realised you’re better off without it, that God doesn’t want that, or maybe some other better option replaced it. Whichever way, you’ve got no regrets. You even catch yourself laughing at yourself for your initial ignorance.

There’s also this other time when you felt God wasn’t in support of something you’re doing, but you really wanted it, so you stubbornly kept going. You found all sorts of scripture to encourage yourself that the inner witness you’re having is the voice of the devil trying to keep you from your miracle. Eventually, as if you knew, you got what you were fighting for, but at so much personal loss and natural struggle. It was bad enough that you just can’t afford to tell anybody all you did to get your “miracle”, the testimony just won’t bring God glory, but the seeming miracle will raise your reputation or something else about you or someone else, not God, except you lie in your testimony.

Do you remember the time I’m speaking about? Yes, you do. I want you to remember the conversation we had yesterday about God’s intention for everything we bring forth in His name to have God written all over it, then I want you to remember a scripture,…the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man…” (Genesis 6:3 NKJV). I’ll leave you to chew on these till tomorrow.

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