Having talked about receiving the light into our human spirit, and talked about causing it to shine upon the earth by speaking the word out of our mouth in order to cause the universe to begin to adjust and reorder itself into what we’ve spoken, just as the chaos in the earth were rearranged by the word of God at creation, let’s move on to talk about the remaining two things we should do at that point we get a word from God about something, which are actions and feelings.

Now, let’s remember that we were talking about preventing the abortion of realities that are about to be brought into the earth through us. We are currently looking at the five things that are involved in that reality birth process, which are knowledge, faith, words, actions and feelings in order to understand how to avoid those abortions.

We did say that the word of God is always on a journey whenever God sends it forth, and according to scripture it will continue on that journey till it makes a cycle back to God with the intended result. God has sent His word to you, you have trapped it into your spirit with faith, you have released it into the earth with words. Now, if it is really in the earth, you should act it. So, faith without works is dead.
Having said that, the initial corresponding action you are required to take immediately after you have spoken the word into the earth is THANKSGIVING, right there and then. Thank God for that deliverance, for that provision, for that miracle that’s about to happen. Seal your thanksgiving with REJOICING before The Lord, as someone that just got whatever it is God just gave you through His word. That is joy, the right emotion or feeling.

If you do these five things each time you get a word from God, be sure that you just became pregnant for the Maker of reality. But don’t be deceived, your pregnancy is not safe yet. Tomorrow we shall continue this conversation.


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