Something To Shout About!

Here’s something to shout about: all things work together for those who are the called according to God’s will. Do you know what this scripture means? 

I’ll tell you, it means that if you are doing something, on a career path, in a relationship, chasing a deal, or whatever it is you are doing, if that thing you feel you’re called to do is in accordance with God’s will for you, then the whole universe will and is conspiring on your behalf, every man, woman and child is doing what they can to help you succeed at it, both those who open doors you need to enter and those who close doors you shouldn’t. 

Every event in your life is a victory to be thankful for, both the events that take you a step further and those that stop you and make you turn to the correct direction. 

You won’t believe this one, even the devil, his demons and agents are all on the workforce for the actualisation of your destiny. Your God-willed destiny is so strategically conceived by God that the devil keeps falling “Mugu”(the fool) for you all the time, just like he did when he crucified Jesus. You can always say to the “enemy”, “catch me if you can.” Now, isn’t that something to shout about!?


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