When The Lord says you are the light of the world my dearly beloved, He means you are the light not just to the people in the world, but also the whole earth. When The Lord has taken hold of your spirit as His candle and has lit it up with His word, then He means to use you as a source of light to reveal His Glory upon the earth. Wherever there’s darkness you shall speak from the light in you and cause light to shine upon that place. You shall speak to your addictions, your weaknesses, to sickness, to injustice, to corruption, to poverty etc.

Remember the garden of Eden, when God brought all that He had made before Adam, Adam didn’t just stop at naming the woman, He named everything. The scriptures tell us that whatever Adam called them, that was their name. So, what are you calling the issues of life that God has allowed you to encounter? Are you calling them what the enemy said they are and perpetuating the darkness, or are you calling them by their real God-willed names and revealing the glory of God there? You’re a light set on a hill, make the will of God manifest in your earth space. Speak the word!

Ezekiel is a type of us, he found himself in the valley of dry bones. Things around him were all infected with darkness, the ground he was standing on was below level ground, the people around were bones, no life around. God asked him, can these bones live again? O my Father, Ezekiel gave the perfect answer, he said, God, only you know. In other words, if it’s in your blueprint that they will live again, then they will. Then God gave him light, and told him to illuminate the darkness in that place. God said, talk to the bones, tell them what I have said.

I want to challenge you. Do you have and do you seek in all things to have God’s blueprint for your life and for your earth space? Are you providing sufficient light to reveal the will of God for your life and your earth space by the things you say? The scriptures tell us that Ezekiel ate the word. Eating the word is speaking the word, and until you eat something you cannot digest it. Are you eating from the table God has prepared for you in the presence of your enemies? Eat! Eat! Eat! And keep eating!


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