At this point, it is imperative we discus a very fundamental issue, the beginning of spiritual abortions in people’s life. There are five pillars upon which reality stand, knowledge, faith, words, actions and feelings. Every stage in the manifestation of any reality is carried by these pillars, it’s a cycle.

Let’s remember that everything we see today were created according to God’s will, and remained so until the darkness entered. So, God has a blue print(the light of life) for the whole of existence. When the word of God is preached, God is simply showing us His blue print for whatever situation the word is talking about. God is simply telling us the truth about our circumstance, the light of life is entering into us through His word.

Now, ordinary flesh cannot trap these words because they are spirit and life. Just in the same way that only the egg of a woman can trap the sperm of a man, only faith in the womb of the human heart can trap the light of life. The Holy Ghost makes this happen, just in the same way He made it happen during creation, brooding upon the waters while God spoke.

When God sends His word to accomplish a thing, that word is on a journey, it’s never meant to stay in one place. It’s meant to keep moving till it accomplishes what it was sent to do. This is the first mistake many make, when they trap the word of God, they don’t release it to continue its journey. When Jesus said that out of our bellies shall flow streams of living water He wasn’t talking about the Holy Ghost per se, He was talking about the same thing He meant when He said the words that I speak to you are spirit and life.

In order to maintain the cycle of the manifestation of the word of God when it becomes righteousness in our hearts, when we have believed it, we must SPEAK IT. If we fail to make that confession, we keep the light locked inside us, and once we do that, it decays into letter(knowledge without spirit). Only the spirit, which is the spoken word can make it to the next stage of the cycle, not the one that decays into head knowledge. The flesh profits nothing, the spirit gives life. With the heart we believe unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. We will take this further tomorrow.


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