How to Make Things Happen.

(These are Highlights from “The Five Pillars of Reality”. A course I will be teaching at The School of Truth in 2014. This is a conversation on David’s five smooth stones from the brook. Please like “The School of Truth” on Facebook to stay informed, or write to

How do you build the reality that’s right for you? (I said the reality that’s right for you, not the one you want) Just follow these steps:

1) Hear. Get your mind off of the reality you want, forget about what you think is best for you, you’re not that smart and you’re not that good. Go to the Architect that designed you, He’s smart to let you in on the reality that’s right for you, He’ll tell you why He made you and what you’re supposed to do at every point in your life.

2) Believe. Start repeating whatever He tells you to yourself in your heart, begin to make friends in your heart with everything; scriptures, personal experience, natural gifts in you, ideas, people, statements, information, facts, feelings, natural laws etc that agree with what He has told you, and disconnect from those that don’t, keep meditating on every word from the scriptures He ever shows you concerning that reality till your heart believes it is true just as your name is your name.

3) Speak. Never say anything that in anyway denies what your heart has believed. If you face any kind of crisis, things that suggest to you that this reality will not be, be careful not to say anything that will support that suggestion. If you don’t know the right thing to say in that moment, keep quiet, and wait for your advocate, Christ to educate you.

4) Act. Do things that support what you’re saying. Remember the Tower of Babel, the secret is to ensure that your whole being is in agreement with each other in order to be unstoppable and ultimately with God to make sure God Himself doesn’t scatter what you’re trying to build. So, if you’re saying your business will be a household name in so so, when someone asks how business is going, regardless of what you’re currently experiencing, don’t say, business is slow.

5) Feel. How you feel is very important. If at any point in the course of building this reality you begin to feel disappointed, unhappy about progress, or any such ill feelings, you will open the door for events that are associated with such feelings to begin to happen. So, remain joyful and glad. Whatever happens rejoice. If things go not as planned say thank you God because this is just the part of the plan I didn’t know about.

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