Let’s take two days to recollect the conversation we’ve been having for some time now. We’ve been having a conversation bordered around HOW TO PRACTICALLY OPERATE IN GOD’S SHOES. In the course of this conversation we have established: 1. That people who operate as gods on the earth are able to do that because they believe. 2. That the raw material from which the earth was created and from which reality is formed is the word of God. 3. That the way a person is able to operate on earth is determined by how the person handles the Word of God. 4. That joy is the forerunner of life and ungodly sorrow the forerunner of death.

Further we saw from scripture that the kingdom of God is made up of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, that anybody who operates in these three posses the three keys of the kingdom, which unlocks every door on the way to the manifestation of the will of God in our lives. We also saw that God is happy to give us these keys, we saw, infact that He has put them into our hearts already.

This brought us to search the scriptures and to begin to understand what these three keys really are in reality, and to understand how to use them in order to see the manifestation of God’s will in our lives always. So, we established that the first of these three, which is righteousness, is actually AGREEMENT WITH GOD. We understood that this comes about when the raw material for reality, which is truth, or the will of God, which in its expressed form is the word of God called the seed of righteousness is made known to a person and the person accepts it with faith. 

So, we established that for every situation in which you want to see the hand of God at work, you must start by first finding out what the will of God for that situation is, and when you do, you accept it completely by faith. That is what righteousness is. It is based on this that you begin to think, and speak and act, and by so you are offering your members as instruments of righteousness upon the earth. Anything done outside this, which is acting without faith is sin, unrighteousness.


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