Before we look at the second kind of heart, God wants you to remember this. By the grace of God, you are not like those whose heart is like a wayside. You are not wise in your own eyes and you do not think more highly of yourself than you ought to in the presence of God. You are not like those who go to God when everything else fails, God is your first choice, you have no alternative, God is your only choice. You look to God for solution and answer from day one.

Even when you are carried away by the deceitful tendencies of your heart to take a path that is contrary to the will of God, you are not stubborn before the Spirit of truth, when He convicts you of being wrong. You are like a child before your Heavenly Father, He leads you by the hand out of the darkness, and you always follow Him without struggle. Even when you struggle, you eventually give in to His righteousness and love.

You have nothing to be proud of in yourself, except the manifestations of God in you. You are like the wise man who when he found out about the treasures hidden in a certain field, went and sold all he had and bought this certain field. You believe in the immeasurable value of being like Christ. That’s why regardless of the mistakes you make, you never give in to the suggestions of the enemy to be yourself, you are ever hungry and always striving in the Spirit to become Christ.

The world holds no satisfaction for you, your joy is in the will of God. You meditate in His word all the time. The more you do the more you see who you really are. You say to yourself, can this be? Could it be that I am an extension of Christ? Is it really true that God’s will is that through my mind He will think, through my mouth He will speak and through my life He will live, making me an incarnation of Christ? Am I really Christ? Yes!


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