God gave Abraham a promise, He will make him a father of many nations. As far as Abrahams life was concerned that promise is the will of God for him. That was righteousness because Abraham believed it. Abraham tried to scheme his way to the promise, because time was just not on his side anymore, which is exactly the reason we continue to make the same mistake today, we are impatient, and we want to prove a point to “them” and silence “them”. 

Most people make the mistake of trying to bring the will of God to pass on their own. They depend on other means to arrive at the manifestation of the promise rather than God’s direction. Remember the wise men that travelled to see baby Jesus, which is like coming from where you are to the manifestation of God’s will. They saw the star from afar, which is a type of the knowledge of God’s will. And all along the journey, their eyes were fixed on the will of God every step of the way: they had gold, frankincense and myrrh, which are types of righteousness, peace and joy.

Abraham did everything right, except following God’s direction. He married a wife, slept with her legally and the woman gave birth to a boy. Sometimes we are deceived to think that because we did something right, that we will get the same result as following the will of God. No! Ishmael was naturally, legally, biologically and rightfully Abrahams first born son, but righteously he was not. And God rejected him. Because righteousness is more than being right, it’s being in agreement with God every step of the way.

In all reality, both spiritual and physical, you cannot be more correct than the will of God. No matter how right your actions, or how evil-less your strategies, what you will achieve by them can never be better than what you achieve by following the will of God step by step. Ishmael will never be better than Isaac. Don’t misunderstand me, you can always produce results on your own, people are doing that everyday, but what kind of result do you want? Ones born of things that you can explain in your mind, that bring you displeasure, pain and sorrow, or ones born by following God’s will blindly, which bring joy and pleasures forever?

Those who wait on God’s will are always much better off than those who rush to their own victory. It is better to travel with speed through life than to travel in haste. In the will of God, ten years can be reduced to one day.


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