In our last conversation we established how the seed of God, which is the DNA of God is planted into the heart of a person to produce a new creation. Using the human reproductive process we established that the sperm can be compared to the seed of God, or the seed of righteousness, which is the will of God expressed through His word, the egg of the woman can be compared to faith which is what catches the sperm and activates it. 

When the egg catches and activates the sperm, the sperm in turn fertilizes the egg, producing an embryo. An embryo is neither a male seed nor a female seed, it is the most tender and earliest form of the full grown creature that it will eventually grow into. So, the word of God, and the measure of faith deposited into our hearts by God produces the most tender and earliest form of the will of God, or righteousness.

At this point, it is important for us to remind ourselves that we are actually having a conversation on the kingdom of God, which the scriptures say is righteousness, peace and joy. So, we asked ourselves, what is righteousness? And that is how we got here. At this point in our conversation, we understand how the most tender and earliest form of righteousness is produced in our hearts.

This is where a sinner is when they first hear the gospel and are convicted in their hearts, this is where a believer is when they hear the word of God preached about a certain issue in their life and that “I can” feeling, or that “it is possible” feeling glows in their hearts. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, we’ve all been there and we continue to experience it every time the will of God meets faith in our heart.

That right there is righteousness, that is righteousness in its most tender and earliest form. In very practical terms, since this series is “How to practically operate in God’s shoes, righteousness is agreement with God. So, God makes known His will about a sinners life, or about your situation, or about an issue in your life, and you agree with Him through faith, that is righteousness in its earliest stage of development.


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